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Web Hosting

Why choose Hosting by SafeData

Do you want more than shared hosting, but without any technical skills to be required? Semi dedicated hosting or Dedicated Hosting is what you are looking for! The plans of SafeData are ideal for websites that demand more resources, like eShops or news websites.

Infrastructure with NVMe disks

thus providing greater speed on writing and reading, boosting the server-side performance of your website.

More resources

The servers, have more resources than the ones that host shared hosting plans. This results in better performance and, ultimately, higher ranking on Google search results.

Free migration

With every semi-dedicated hosting plan, we offer free migration of your website from another provider to SafeData by a trained Migration Specialist.

3 backups every day

To ensure that the data of your website will always be available, we perform 3 backups every day for all semi dedicated hosting plans. This way, you have an available backup file at any time!

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